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Enov8 Mobile & Bridge Clinical Research Partner to Offer Industry’s First Patient Health Recruitment Service via Social Media for Minority Communities

Oakland, California, July 6, 2015. Enov8 Mobile and Bridge Clinical Research have partnered to offer a new social media patient recruitment service that will enable pharmaceutical, biomedical, medical device, and other health care service organizations to quickly and cost effectively recruit minority patients for clinical trials, new drug and disease treatment awareness, and disease prevention. The service will initially focus on minority patients and then expand to include both minority nonminority research participants.

“Every day over 130 million people are searching or having discussions about their health issues on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and
blogs. Minorities are very active users of social and mobile media and now through our partnership with Bridge Clinical Research, health care companies have a fast and cost effective way to reach minority consumers.” says Damon Miller, CEO of Enov8 Mobile. “The traditional ways of patient outreach and recruitment are still valuable but they take much longer and cost much more than through social and mobile media outreach.  In health care, time really matters and being able to quickly reach people who are in need can impact and save lives.”

The service targets only consumers who are publicly having conversations or seeking solutions to their health care or the health care of a loved one through social media sites, blogs, search engines, or discussion forums. Having the ability to reach, engage, and communicate with a growing and hard to reach minority consumer base solves a real problem for the health care industry.

“It often takes months to identify patients for clinical trials. Our new service has the ability to do it in days. The time-savings is one or even two orders of magnitude over traditional methods” says Owen Garrick, MD, and President of Bridge Clinical.  “This is a very unique solution where we leverage social media platforms where minority patients are having robust discussions and self-identifying around diseases that impact them and those that are close to them.”

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