Dr. Owen Garrick, CEO of Bridge Clinical Research, Presents at Advancing Ethical Research Conference

OAKLAND, Calif., December 6, 2018 (Newswire) –Dr. Owen Garrick, CEO of Bridge Clinical Research, facilitated two workshops – “Does Diversity Matter in the Conduct of a Clinical Trial?” and “Exploring and Enhancing Diversity Within Our Compliance Committee” – at the 2018 Advancing Ethical Research Conference, AER, in San Diego, California.

Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research, PRIM&R, strives to create a community of ethics-minded research administration and oversight personnel as well as formalize professional standards and credentials that document the expertise necessary for effective and appropriate research ethics. For more than 40 years, PRIM&R has hosted educational events to foster professional development through learning, discussion and debating issues related to human subject protections, research ethics and oversight. The 2018 AER conference brought together over 2,300 professionals to learn about late-breaking topics. [Adapted from https://www.primr.org/about/].

Dr. Garrick and co-facilitator Barbara Bierer, MD, led the discussion “Does Diversity Matter in the Conduct of a Clinical Trial?” where speakers and attendees discussed the findings and activities from a study on the impact of physician race on the healthcare of Black patients and explored practical options for increasing diversity in the research workforce. The following workshop, “Exploring and Enhancing Diversity Within Our Compliance Committee,” which was hosted by Dr. Garrick, Mr. Eric Allen and Ms. Tonya Ferraro, provided speakers and attendees with the opportunity to brainstorm and strategize how to bring awareness to the important benefits of diversity in all aspects of regulatory affairs and compliance career pathways.

For more information regarding PRIM&R conferences, please visit https://www.primr.org/. Please visit the Bridge Clinical Research website at www.bridgeclinical.com for more updates on current projects.